Black Diamond Agency was brought to life in 2010 in Newcastle, by our founder and Managing Director, Tamara Haddow.

As a foot soldier in the world of events and promotions she saw first-hand the inefficiencies of up to 10 other agencies she worked for. It was a chaotic process to be booked for work, the account managers were completely unorganised, you would still be chasing for payment months later, the industry was (and still is) rife with non-compliance, you were always expected to move heaven and earth for the agency yet they never had the time to appreciate the efforts of their staff. And on top of all that she couldn’t understand how it was beneficial for the brand.

She knew things could be done better so she aimed to create an agency that produced better results for their clients, while at the same time being a top notch employer for the brand ambassadors.

11 years later, with headquarters now in Sydney and a team of 6 and still growing, we know she was onto something because Black Diamond has grown into an agency that has some of the most loyal brand ambassadors and clients in Australia.

On the outside we might look like any other agency but on the inside our clients and staff know we’ve got the secret sauce.

When, where & why

The best concepts require expert execution. And that comes down to people. That’s where we step in.

Our team knows how to identify superstars to best represent our clients.  Our promotional staff are extroverted and energetic and love nothing more than to bring that same enthusiasm to every experience. Behind the scenes, our account managers exude that same tenacity and positivity.

Throughout the years we’ve crafted our unique, signature method that allows us to deliver an experience unlike any other.

Promo Staffing by Black Diamond

Meet the Team



Recruitment Coordinator

Originally from Perth and having been with us for 7 years. Fun fact - she has a serious obsession with anything Disney!



National Staffing Manager

Diana looks after our hundreds of brand ambassadors across the country. She loves learning languages and is originally from Poland!



Accounts & Admin Officer

Tamara has been with Black Diamond for a decade! She is completely horse-mad and when she’s not organising accounts she trains horses.



Social Media Manager

A social media rockstar by day and video content producer at night. When Bjorn’s not creating epic content you’ll find him at the beach.



Digital Marketing Manager

Grace is our digital marketing wizard with an infectious laugh. When she’s not optimizing everything digital she's at home watching TV.

We take pride in our compliance.

This protects the brands we partner with and ensures everyone is looked after as they should be.

We hold national public liability insurance, Work Cover insurance in all states of Australia and labour-hire licences in the states that require we have one. We can provide copies of our licences on request.

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