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BDAmbassadors for Pacific smiles dental at ADX Dental Expo

4 Brands We Helped Make an Impact

By Black Diamond Agency | April 7, 2022

For 12 years, we’ve provided services to hundreds of clients for all their promotional staffing needs be it in retail, product sampling, tradeshows, events, pop-ups and more. We go above and beyond for our clients while looking out for the welfare of our employees.

2 BD Ambassadors Posing for the Inglis Event

Top 4 Secrets to Build Consumer Brand Loyalty

By Black Diamond Agency | March 9, 2022

There are a few principles that we can learn from top well-known brand Samsung that we can keep in mind when implementing experiential marketing strategies to establish consumer brand loyalty.

Brand Ambassador ChungHwa for Lunar New Year Cherrybook popup

What can we learn from the most loved brands in the world?

By Black Diamond Agency | February 16, 2022

The most loved brands in the world didn’t just come to be without making huge marketing efforts to do so. One of the notable efforts is experiential marketing – a marketing strategy that never grows old but just continues to evolve over time.

Black Diamond Brand Ambassadors for Pacific Dental Smiles

Why Pop-Up Stores Should Be Considered in Your Marketing Strategy

By Black Diamond Agency | February 9, 2022

Pop-up stores have proven their effectiveness since they began. It is especially good for those who are testing the waters. Here are some of the other benefits of why it should be part of your marketing strategy.

BD ambassador Amy product sampling for COYO

5 Product Sampling Mistakes to Avoid

By Black Diamond Agency | January 14, 2022

Whether it’s enticing customers to try a new product or re-evaluating one they haven’t tried in a long time, sampling can shift attitudes and boost sales. With the rise of experiential marketing, sampling has evolved significantly.

Here are some of the product sampling mistakes you need to avoid so your sampling campaign doesn’t fall into that trap.

Black Diamond brand ambassadors posing for Chill Connoisseur Ice Cream

The Advantages of Experiential Campaigns During the Holidays

By Black Diamond Agency | December 15, 2021

Holiday seasons create opportunities for businesses and are a terrific way to make you stand out. Not only does it help increase ROI, but it can also build a strong relationship between your business and your customers. Make use of this season to connect with your customers.

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