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Staff uniforms are designed according to the theme, brand’s personality, and style – it is not a one size fits all

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Black Diamond is committed to providing good ‘ol fashioned customer service

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Flexible booking process

Flexible booking policies offer peace of mind in knowing you have the option to change your booking when necessary (especially when Covid throws a spanner at your plans)

Step up your activation with custom uniforms.

Nothing looks better than well dressed employees. When you’re planning event staff hire or a promotional campaign, being presentable is incredibly important and is a small price to pay for the added value it will provide your brand. We can provide a full account management service to get high quality staff uniforms organised and delivered straight to you or straight to our promo staff before your event.

Staff Uniforms Sample

Let’s get specific.

Do you need t-shirts, singlets, hoodies, shorts, runners, hats? We can help you decide on the style, colours and the overall best look for your activation. Next we can add your logo or custom design either through embroidery, screen-printing or digital printing to ensure your brand stands out.

Staff Uniforms Sample

The benefits of staff uniforms in promo

✔ Deliver consistent messaging – Marketing and branding go hand in and hand and your staff uniforms are an important part of this

✔ Maintain a high level of professionalism – Make your brand look professional by having your staff in custom uniforms

✔ It’s inexpensive – getting custom shirts made is inexpensive when you look at the difference it makes to a promo activation


Staff uniforms

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